As you will know due to logistic and security reasons, every participant of the CSIT World Sports Games must be registered via the WSG online registration platform.
This register will give you access to two unique instruments:

1. the “Personal WSG2019 Pass” (Accreditation Badge)

It will allow you:
• enter facilities and dedicated areas,
• attend events and special/side events,
• be recognized during the competitions and sport demonstrations,
• gather relevant information about the events (competitions results, timetable) and
the physical areas (maps, agenda).

How to get my accreditation badge?

For subscribers of categories A or B, you will find your accreditation at the hotel. If you do not have a photograph, you can come to the accreditation center (Plaça de Joan Monclús, 1, 43500 Tortosa).

For subscribers of category C “ONLY REGISTRATION FEE”, you will need to move to the accreditation point (Plaça de Joan Monclús, 1, 43500 Tortosa). Bring your voucher with you to be able to go on regular transport while you do not have the accreditation.
2. the WSG2019 APP.

Due to security reasons it is very important that each federation gives its participants the personal voucher, so that they can log in on the mobile app and ADD PERSONAL
PHOTOS, which will then be used to print the badge, taking it directly with the mobile
Each personal accreditation badge will contain a QR-Code (abbreviation of Quick
Response Code) which will give the opportunity to “authenticate” each participant by a
simple smart-phone (or something similar, as a tablet) and provide her/him several
specifically customized services.
Each participant as well will have the opportunity to download an APP, login with personal username and password.

It will allow you:
• check their competition results,
• check general results and ranking,
• check the timetable of their competitions,
• verify the location of the competition areas, using the events map.
Some other features envisaged specifically for referees and officials are:
• upload the competitions results,
• upload the technical competitions account,
• check the athletes’ identification and profile,
• check the program and the timetable of the assigned competitions,
• check the Technical Commissions meeting program and timetable.