Mamanet Chairman

8, Haarbaa Street,
64739 Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone: +972 54 6237231


Mamanet Secretary

Via Barberini 68,
00187 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 34 83740186


  • Mandatory: GROUP A (mothers of any age and women 30 years and over
  • Optional: GROUP B (women 18 years and over)


  • More than one team per union can participate.


Players are allowed to participate in the CSIT MAMANET Championships as long as they don’t play in
any professional Volleyball league. (in the first national or international leagues or being paid for
playing any professional sport)


  • All championships shall take place given a minimum of four (4) participating teams from different
  • The championship will not last more than four (4) consecutive days, plus another two (2) days for travel
    (day of arrival, day of departure).
  • Championships are held in pools followed by (depending on the number of teams involved) quarterfinals
    or direct semi-finals and finals.
  • Each team will play at least three (3) matches during the championship.
  • No team shall play two (2) consecutive matches without an interval of at least 2 hours between them


  • The competition will be held in accordance with the formula decided by the T.C.
  • Mamanet T.C keeps the right to change the schedule/Formula of the games even after they were
    published based on the committee discretion
  • MAMANET rules are applied to all matches.
  • Rules for championships held in pools:
    • The unions involved will be divided into pools according to their ranking reached in the last
      championship of their class
    • If necessary, the distribution of the participating teams may be determined by a draw.

Pool ranking criteria

In order to establish the ranking of teams, the following criteria shall be implemented

  • Number of victories
    The teams will be classified in descending order by the number of matches won.
  • Ranking Points
    In case of equality in number of matches won, the ranking points will be considered.
Results Winners Losers
0-2 2 pts 1 pts
1-2 2 pts 1 pts
Technical 2 pts 0 pts
  • Set Ratio
    In the case of equality in the number of matches won by two or several teams, the teams will be
    classified in descending order by the quotient resulting from dividing the number of all sets won
    by the number of all sets lost.
  • Points Ratio
    If the tie persists as per the set ratio, the teams will be classified in descending order by the
    result of dividing all points scored by the total of points lost during all sets.
  • Still tied ?
    If the tie continues as per the point ratio between two teams, the priority will be given to the
    team which won the last match between them. When the tie in points’ ratio is between three or
    more teams, a new classification of these teams in terms of points 1, 2 and 3 will be created
    taking into consideration only the matches in which they were opposed to one another.


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