The closing ceremony will take place on July 6th at 9 in the evening. It will be outdoor, in Teodor Gonzàlez Park (Av. de la Generalitat, 72, Tortosa).

A specifically hired transport will pick you up at the hotel. You will not need regular transport.

The ceremony will have of a more solemn part, with parliaments, delivery of souvenirs for the assisting entities, for the CSIT partners, and especially the delivery of two important awards:
• Fair Play will get full attention at the closing ceremony, where teams – male and female athletes – with the highest Fair Play – coefficient will be awarded solemnly by cooperation partner EFPM – European Fair Play Movement.
• Panathlon-CSIT WSG Award, in collaboration with our Cooperation Partner PI – Panathlon International. One of the objectives of the award is to encourage, coordinate and promote development of the sporting ideal and of its moral and cultural values, in all the countries where CSIT is established.

This institutional part will end with the cession of the official flag of the VI CSIT WORLD SPORTS GAMES to the city of Zagreb, which will host the 2021 edition.
Finally, there will be a great outdoor party open to the entire population of Tortosa.