Gandesa is the capital of the region where, despite its industrial and commercial growth, it has conserved its artistic and historic heritage unaltered. Its natural surroundings are rugged, here we find the mountain ranges of Pàndols and Cavalls. The River Canaletes collects a large part of the water from the municipal area, bathing the landscape. Although the old town centre was greatly damaged during the sieges of the Carlist Wars, it still conserves a large number of architectural elements.

Walking around the municipality.

Walking around the old town centre one can see the porches of the Church Square, the Gothic-style windows of the old “Casa de la Vila””(Town House), the old prison and some stately homes. The Roman Church “Arxiprestal de l’Assumpció” was declared an historic-artistic monument in 1980. Hidden places and spectacular stately homes belonging to the noble past of the municipality can be discovered. The Cooperative Wine Cellar is a modernist building built in 1919. It was designed by the architect César Martinell, a disciple of Gaudí. It was declared an Asset of National Cultural Interest on 30 July 2002. The municipality houses the centre for studies of the Battle of the Ebre, a historic museum of the Spanish Civil War. The Gandesa area is also home to the Archaeological Site of Coll del Moro, comprising an Iberian village and necropolis (s. VIII bC. To IbC.)