Organized by the Union of Sports Councils of Catalonia (UCEC), the World Sports Games of this year will have a new competition called “Fun Handball” or also known as the handball to have fun.

In this sixth edition of the CSIT WSG 2019, which will take place in Tortosa, Catalonia and cities around, you will see there a total of 25 competitions including this new sport event. A new handball modality created specially to encourage the team play in a faster and funnier way.

It will be a different handball but at the same time will maintain the essence of sport and it will incorporate new rules: 5 players per team, smaller handball fields, … Everything with a unique goal for the participants, to enjoy better the championship, make it more dynamic and trying to bring the best fair play possible.

The “Fun Handball” will take place at Pavelló Recinte Firal, Tortosa on the 5th and 6th of July and right now it has around 300 registered athletes who will be the first to enjoy a completely new modality within these world popular games.