Karate Chairman

Deckova Cesta 1,
3000 Celje, Slovenia
E-Mail: zigor.kzs@gmail.com
Phone: +386 3 425 79 10
Fax: +386 3 492 41 12


Karate Chairman

Deckova Cesta 1,
3000 Celje, Slovenia
E-Mail: branko.gabrovec@gmail.com
Phone: +386 3 425 79 10
Fax: +386 3 492 41 12
Eligibility criteria:

Medallists from last senior of any World or Continental Championship and athletes placed in the Top 50 of the WKF Seniors World Ranking cannot participate in CSIT Karate Championships.


Composition of the team:

More than one team per gender per Union can participate.

Number of participants

  • 1 Head of delegations
  • Coaches – maximum 4 (1 female kata, 1 female kumite, 1 male kata, 1 male kumite)
  • Referees
  • Unlimited number of competitors Female
  • Unlimited number of competitors Male

Each team with more than 4 members needs to bring at least one Referee with at least WKF national license.

Age and weight categories

Discipline: KATA (Male and Female)

Category Age
Seniors 16 +
Masters 35 +

Note: Age group Masters can be further divided in more age sub-categories.


Discipline: KUMITE

Category Age Gender Duration Weight in kg.
Juniors 16/17 Female 2 min. -48, -53, -59, +59
Juniors 16/17 Male 2 min. -55, -61, -68, -76, +76
Seniors 18 + Female 2 min. -50, -55, -61, -68, +68
Seniors 18 + Male 3 min. -60, -67, -75, -84, +84

CSIT Karate Championships are opened to all karate styles and to all karateka’s. WKF accepts kata of all karate styles.


Only original karate katas are allowed on the competition although slight variations are allowed. For that reason, there is an official kata list published in the latest WKF Kata and Kumite competitions rules in the chapter KATA RULES with a list of Kata allowed at the competition.



Competition system can be elimination system with repechage or round robin (matrix) system. Selection of the system will be based on number of registered athletes and will be defined for each category separately after registration.

Eliminations system exists of;

  • Eliminations round
  • Repechage
  • Bronze medals bouts
  • Finals

CSIT Karate Championships will follow the WKF regulations


Only referees with at least a valid national WKF licenses can arbitrate in the competition in order to ensure a quality refereeing, smooth running of the competition and safety of the competitors.


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